Little Man (Feat. MadHatter + MC Wreckshin)

by Superpowerless

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MC Chris sometimes serves as a gateway to Nerdcore music for so many people that love geek music. By throwing temper tantrums, acting like a douchebag, and mistreating his fans on a constant basis, he is potentially pushing people away from an otherwise diverse and supportive community.

We've had enough of him getting away with being a dick to his own listeners as well as our own, so when we saw his half-assed apology video complete with a fake breakdown, we decided immediately to make a reply.

If you think MC Chris' latest act was a one-time or even ten-time situation, please make sure to read the hundreds of comments and stories of his dickery on the original Reddit post here:

Saying we're doing the same thing to Chris that he did to others ("bullying a bully") is ridiculous. What he has done is disrespect his own listeners and others in the Nerdcore supporter base repeatedly and has gotten away with it every time with half-assed apologies. What we are doing is having a bit of fun defending our comrades and getting the word out about his wrongdoings.


released July 24, 2012
MC Wreckshin


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